eFP Browser


With the "Electronic Fluorescent Pictograph" (eFP) Browser you have a ability to visualize expression data in an intuitive way. You can choose amoung several mircoarray experiments, as well as RNA-Seq and metabololic data.

This eFP Browser combines the data for 10 microarray experiments (256 microarrays), RNA-seq data of 20 tissues and Metabolite data of 14 tissues.

Here is a tutorial that describes this analysis.

This tool is an adaptation of the eFP Browser developed by Nicholas J. Provart et al.


Data Source Primary Gene ID Signal Threshold
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Experiment information:

Title: RNA-Seq data from 20 tissues

RNA-Seq data from 20 tissues


Responsible person: tbrockmoeller


  • This probe/gene set reaches its maximum signal intensity (expression potential) of 8.49 in the RNA-Seq data source with probeID of NIATv7_g41919.

  • CUST_151184_PI422650789, Na_454_37798, NIATv7_g41919, scaffold40556, scaffold40557 was used as the probe set identifier for your primary gene NIATv7_g41919. The mean of this probes was used as expression value.